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Spiritual Discipline /Practices

Spiritual Discipline is an excellent habit to exercise. When you begin your spiritual walk, you start to develop stronger faith and it allows you to grow closer to God. When talking about discipline, I must say it is not an easy thing to learn, but it can help with your regulate mind, emotions and your spiritual journey with Christ.

The more we practice spiritual discipline the stronger we become in our faith. When discipline in put in action it works. It can help us see God’s plans for our lives.

There are several ways to be consistent and organized with your Spiritual discipline/practices in your life. Listed below are ways to start your practices, first commit to doing on a daily basis.

Spiritual Disciplines & Scriptures:

MeditationMatthew 6:6

Pray 2 Chronicles 7:14

SurrenderJames 4:7

JournalingHabakkuk 2:2

Study2 Timothy 2:15

FellowshipJohn 15: 4-5

FastingDaniel 9:3

Self- Examination1 Corinthians 11:28-32

Confession - 1John 1:9

Worship - John 4:24

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Something has been telling me to go to your blog all day but it seem like i never found any time to get my computer from my niece. Tonight as i was laying in the bed, it came to me again. Go read Mrs. Victoria's blog. Every since you launched your blog, every time i visit here, it and encourages me. After reading this, I took my journal out wrote down the scriptures above and starting in the morning i'm going read those verses and write tell God how thankful and blessed I am. I just want to tell you thank you Mrs. Victoria for being the God fearing servant that you are, you really inspire me alot.

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