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Lord, You made it clear that if we walk in obedience we will live a full life with You. Being obedient will cause an overflow of abundant blessings within our lives. Help us to not be as King Saul, for he lost everything through disobedience.

Remind us, Oh Heavenly Father, that disobedience is a form of rebellion towards You and as You have clearly stated, if we reject You and Your Word, You will reject us from Your heavenly kingdom. Jesus name Amen

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Simple truths to repeat when you're in a spiritual battle:

• God's got this • The Lord fights for me • Jesus loves me • Not today satan • I am a child of God • He is able • It is finished • His Grace is sufficient • Joy comes in the morning • I am not alone •


Lord, I come to you today To humbly request that you do something new in my life. Lord, I believe in your words that you have plans to make me prosper. My prayer to you today is that you visit me and

Friday Morning Prayer

thank you, Lord, for all you have done for me this week. 2. Thank you, God, for your care and love for me and my household. 3. I receive more of your grace today to sustain


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