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Prayer of staying focus

Lord, Thank you for this opportunity to turn to you in my weakness. Jesus help me to truly rest in you and find my guidance through you. I want to begin by changing my behavior from the inside out, so that I do not fret and worry about things that may never happen, but help me rather to focus my mind on what is good for me. Enable me to give others the support and encouragement that they need, and not always expect others to address my needs and concerns. Jesus I lay all my burdens to be risen up to you as I know that you will see me through. Forgive those who have done evil and allow me to do the same. I pray that you will help me to become a better person by forgiving and letting go of the things that I have allowed to make me bitter and angry. Help me to become a better person to those around me, help me find happiness within myself so that I can enjoy life and have it more abundantly. I ask this in Jesus Name. Amen

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