Pray for guidance and direction

Dear Heavenly Father I must decide & make choices today about things that are not clear to me,

So I seek your presence now.

Won't you guide me?

Free my heart, O Lord,

of any fear and worry.

Let me know first that I am

your beloved child.

Remove the clutter in my mind.

Give me focus and clarity.

Free me of any selfish desires

or any temptation to

compromise my values.

May your Spirit show me what

best serves your will, O Lord.

May I be guided to choose

what is faithful to your

purposes and plans.

Speak to me, O Lord,

in your Word and in signs

to guide me along the path

of grace that is Christ Jesus.

May my decision delight you,

O loving Lord, in obedience

and service to love.

I pray for this in Jesus' name,


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