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How God is seen in the Old Testament of the Bible

Genesis: God is the Creator of the World

Exodus: God is unique, sovereign, and unchanging, God is called the YAHWEH meaning “to be.”

Leviticus: God is the High Priest, The Holy One

Numbers: God is the Ultimate Judge

Deuteronomy: God is God of gods and Lord of lords, the great God, mighty and awesome, who not partial and takes no bride

Joshua: God is a Warrior, a God that will fight among his people

Judges: God is the one and only perfect judge

Ruth: God is the King

1 Samuel: God is our Trusted Prophet, leader and King

2 Samuel: God is Strength

1 Kings: God is the Ruler

2 Kings: God is the Master

1 Chronicles: God is the Commander

2 Chronicles: God is our Deliver

Ezra: God is Restoration or Reformer

Nehemiah: God is a Builder

Esther: God is our Hero

Job: God is our Protector

Psalms: God is our Shepherd

Proverbs: God is Wisdom

Ecclesiastes: God is the Light

Song of Solomon: God is our Lover

Isaiah: God is our Father

Jeremiah: God is the Only True God

Lamentations: God is Merciful

Ezekiel: God is a forgiver of His people

Daniel: God is the fire

Hosea: God is faithful

Joel: God is the Spirit

Amos: God is Justice

Obadiah: God is the Overseer

Jonah: God is our Guide

Micah: God is Justice

Nahum: God is Peace

Habakkuk: God is the Helper

Zephaniah: God is the Almighty

Haggai: God is our Prince of Praise

Zechariah: God is our Future

Malachi: God is righteous

How God is seen in the New Testament of the Bible

Matthew: God is the Messiah

Mark: God is the Kingdom

Luke: God is our Savior

John: God is the Word

Acts: God is the Redeemer

Romans: God is Conqueror

1 Corinthians: God is the Power of Love

2 Corinthians: God is the Lord of Glory

Galatians: God is Freedom

Ephesians: God is the Head of the Church

Philippians: God is the Living Word

Colossians: God is the Trinity

1 Thessalonians: God is our King

2 Thessalonians: God is the Government

1 Timothy: God is the King of the ages

2 Timothy: God is our Mediator

Titus: God is the Way

Philemon: God is Grace

Hebrews: God is the Holy Spirit

James: God is our Healer

1 Peter: God is the Living Hope