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Happy New Years Prayer

A new year, a fresh start. Twelve New months of choices to make. Will we make

the right ones, and if we let God lead us. I have faith that we will. To my family and friends. My prayer for you is that God blesses you with LOVE, WISDOM and HEALTH.

May the Lord Bless you so abundantly

that you fall to your knees in thankfulness

May the Lord Heal your broken heart

that you dance in the shadows

May the Lord reveal His amazing plans for you and you hear Him.

May the Lord renew your strength

that you may have His power to stand firm

May the Lord give you peace that you may

rest in Him.

May you know the Lord deeper this year than last year.

May you be all that God has created you to be no matter the season you are in.

God Bless you my family and friends.

In Jesus name , Amen

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