Prayers for Forgiveness: Psalm 51: 1 -2 & 10 - 14 

1 God, be merciful to me

    because you are loving.

Because you are always ready to be merciful,

    wipe out all my wrongs.

2 Wash away all my guilt

    and make me clean again.

10Create in me a pure heart, God,

    and make my spirit right again.

11 Do not send me away from you

    or take your Holy Spirit away from me.

12 Give me back the joy of your salvation.

    Keep me strong by giving me a willing spirit.

13 Then I will teach your ways to those who do wrong,

    and sinners will turn back to you.

14 God, save me from the guilt of murder,

    God of my salvation,

    and I will sing about your goodness.

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